I want to provide a totally unpaid for and honest review of @cobrafitnessuae … I remember visiting it for the first time in late 2019 and witnessing the MMA and Boxing side that the gym is popular for, and seeing a lot of muscle in the gym. The music, and slogans like #pushtillyaspew made me feel it was everything about a gym I would hate. But it was my local and I wanted to see if I would take to boxing (or enjoy the other classes). The instructors are GOLDEN and the King of the Cobras, Matt is a fellow Aussie, with a wicked sense of humor. Unfortunately a scheduling change meant I wouldn’t be able to continue, so I left only to return a month ago. In that month I have really enjoyed it and have started to witness something I have never seen in any other gym! There is no sense of competition but a pure and utter sense of support. Trainers will get around someone and champion them to succeed in their lift, squat, push or pull. There is truly a sense of camaraderie with trainers happy to film your PB’s to share it with others. But the nicest thing occurred yesterday which put a massive smile on my face, in between my sets. Having just got his own PB 180kg squat, trainer @keron_cobrafitness offered me a simple fist bump 👊- and I was only too happy to respond. It was just the little pep in my step that I needed. He was not to know I had just completed my own PB which was a fraction of his… but it felt like a celebration, a sign of encouragement and a little bit of friendly sunshine too! Happy to have seen your PB Keron. Congrats and looking forward to many more fist bumps in the future! A great bunch, fantastic equipment, great prices and all the encouragement you need! 🙏

Natalie Hore.

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