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 A lot of people ask me firstly what do I eat? secondly when they find out I don’t eat meat “Where do you get  protein from?” (shits me massively) then lastly “I eat well I am always at the gym but I can’t lose the fat?

Let me go through one by one and hopefully this can help you guys get some clarity, and help you get to where you want to be.

There are a lot of mad diets that are not sustainable, and if u aren’t on point with your discipline then u might be lucky to last the week.

In my industry people are always trying to sell us the “easy way” or “quick fix” because that’s what people want. The guys selling aren’t invested in your Health or long term wellbeing, they are incentivised by you booking them for their time or paying them for their product.

Anyway back to question one “what do I eat?” I eat what I want! Now what I want isn’t what you think, I’m not smashing pizza, Macca’s or some other fast food joint for lunch and dinner on a daily basis, because that’s not what I want to eat.

When I say “I Eat what I want” I’m saying I don’t count calories, I don’t weigh my food or get obsessed on how many carbs I have put in my body or how many grams of protein I have eaten.

What I like to do is earn what I eat, that means I’m usually conscious of what I’m eating and I much prefer home cooked food anyway.

If I haven’t been in the gym for a session then I don’t feel I have earnt a beer or a chocolate or whatever it is I am craving in the evening so I substitute it for something to take the craving away while not putting rubbish in.

If I am feeling for something sweet I might have a protein shake or bar to take the sugar craving away.

If I feel like a beer I may go for a glass of red wine or just have some sparkling water or sugar free soft drink.

Sometimes regardless or not if u know u shouldn’t have anything you still want something and this helps me.

I also have the mentality that I can eat what I want as when I’m in the gym I’m ALWAYS putting in the work! That means there is no rest when I’m lifting heavy. I’m smashing my cardio between sets to keep my heart rate elevated.

Now is this necessarily the right way to train? Not for everyone, no, but it works for me and keeps me where I need to be.

“Where do I get my Protein?” This battle will go on for a long while yet, between Carnivores and vege/ pescatarians, on protein intake, the best sources of Protein and the quality or difference between plant and meat based protein.

I’m a pescatarian and would never push, sell or suggest my way on anyone, unless they ask.

So my sources come from Salmon and other fish, along with Dark leafy greens, lentils and the list goes on. “Oh but you have to eat so much to get the same amount of protein”

Not really if you’re looking at your food consumption over the whole day, I bet I get more protein than most meat eaters.

If you’re conscious about what you put in your body and think more about it then just convenience, protein and other essential vitamins and minerals are no issue.

(Side note I have PB’s on my bench, squat and deadlift all while being off meat and that was in the past 24 months I am 39)

Last question “I eat well and am always in the gym but can’t lose this fat”

There are two easy answers which I’d say 9 times out of 10 are the reason, there is a third which is much less common.

Yes you go to the gym often but you train terribly!

Terribly means you don’t push yourself because you’re lazy, because you don’t have the knowledge, or maybe the confidence to train harder or more intensely.

When you’re in the gym you should be KILLING IT!

Push yourself to get uncomfortable every time, get a gym partner, someone who will motivate and push you to do what you should do, not what you want or feel like doing.

These people are gold, hang on to them. Get yourself a trainer to set a program for you, make sure they are accountable to let them explain what the progression should look like let them explain and demonstrate how each exercise is supposed to be done and where exactly you should be feeling it.

If you have the money book a tried and tested PT (personal trainer) that you can see often and again hold them accountable as these days I see a lot of trainers just going through the motions and counting reps.

Most importantly leave the gym feeling like you have nothing left, you have left it all there, if you can do this and stick to a reasonable eating habit the fat will burn off before you know it.

Take before and after photos so you can see the progress, don’t rely on the scales as that method is useless and demotivating.

If the above isn’t working and you know you are doing your best then it could be the third and less common factor.

This is an allergy to certain foods, again unlikely but maybe if you think this is the case go to your doctor and get a food allergy test.

I hope that has shed some light on my method or madness of training and eating, again this works for me but everything doesn’t work for everyone.

Be smart with your training, eat well and recover well that way you will enjoy the journey in turn keep it sustainable.

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