There’s fit – and then there’s fighting fit. Cobra Fitness provides you with everything you need to transform both your physique and your outlook. We don’t breed gym-bunnies, we create champions through our access to martial arts discipline, high-tech gym and weights areas and results-oriented fitness classes – plus we offer nutritional advice and training tips, too.

If you’re serious about getting in fighting shape, we can get you there, no holds barred.


Martial arts are about discipline, control, mindfulness and intensity – it’s more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle. Peer support is essential for helping you achieve your personal goals, and our classes are about supportive competition – no matter what your level of fitness is, we all started at the bottom and we all want to help you get to the top.

Our classes will push you to your limit, but they’ll offer you a hand up when you think you’re beat, too – enabling you to keep going and surmount new heights.

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I have to give Cobra Fitness Gym a HUGE thank you! I started at the gym a little over a year ago when I finally received the okay to re-start my fitness journey from my doctor. One of the best things I did was start with the Spartacus Challenge to kick start and give me goals. What I love is that each trainer at Cobra gave me little tips and made certain I was using proper techniques or if I needed to, helped me to modify an exercise. They also gave nutrition tips. Each class is different, you never know what to expect, which makes it fun. I have had good days and bad days and it does not matter, I just keep going. Now here I am a little over a year later and I have lost 20 kilograms. I have to agree with the saying “Fitness is not a one time thing, you will never be done with your goals, when you finish them you will find bigger ones.” Cobra Fitness Gym and their trainers will help you along the way with each of these goals that you set for yourself.  Dianna L. Haines

We can help you to realise the very best version of yourself. Join our supportive community of fitness-focused fighters to become a Cobra champion.

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Upper Basement, Al Bandar, Al Raha Blvd., Khalifa City Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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