Our trainers combine years of fighting experience with a professional athlete’s mind-set and tried and tested work-out methods.

  • MAT

    Head Trainer, Conditioning, Muay Thai, Boxing

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  • MAT | Head Trainer, Conditioning, Muay Thai, Boxing

    Tough and honest, with years of fighting experience, Mat created Cobra Fitness on the #Pushtillyaspew mentality. He makes sure you are tested to your limits in Boxing, Muay Thai and Fitness.


    Muay Thai, Fitness

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  • MARCO | Muay Thai, Fitness

    Marco brings a wealth of Muay Thai experience, originally learning his craft in Spain and harnessing it in Thailand. He has fought legends of the sport and is very passionate about teaching his knowledge to you. He brings an eccentric flair to his classes and PTs.

  • BEN

    Conditioning, Muay Thai,

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  • BEN | Conditioning, Muay Thai,

    Ben has been fighting around the world professionally for many years.This year he also made his professional MMA debut. His passion and energy for the sport Muay Thai and English charm, ensures and you'll come away from every training session invigorated and entertained.


    BJJ, Conditioning

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  • ANDERSON | BJJ, Conditioning

    Anderson AKA "Tuba" which means Shark in his native tongue, hails from Brazil. His nickname comes from his skills on the mat, with opponents often feeling like their in deep waters. He absolutely lives and breathes BJJ and you can tell the moment you train with him. He is the newest member of the team after spending 2 years in the Bahrain branch, were he is missed by all students.


    Conditioning, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA

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  • JAURES | Conditioning, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA

    Jaures AKA "CRAZY CAMEROONIAN" is a professional MMA fighter on an absolute tear. He is a contender for the UAE Warriors Bantamweight Belt and is signed with sports management company Sucker Punch. He is stablemates with world champions and we expect to see him in the UFC soon. Train with him today!

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